Gemeinsam mit der Stadtpark Crew verlosen wir im Rahmen der Stadtpark & Cityfox Party mit Mike Shannon & Inxec am 18.06.2010 ein exemplar der Hammerwood EP von Left.

Hier gehts zur Verlosung

Verlosung endet am 18.06.2010

The Hammerwood EP is the debut release of LEFT, a new collaboration formed by Gregorythme and Ariel Garcia. You better keep them in mind, since they’ll come up with some more fresh stuff like this. The two compulsive knob turners spent hours improvising and manipulating analogue synthesizers and drum machines, the result of it are two powerful tunes with incredible sound quality. The melody in HELL’S HEAT develop itself using very simple elements to build progressively a more and more dropped out psychedelic picture. The title track HAMMERWOOD puts more spin on the percussive side, just until a melodic light helps you to find your way out of it. You’re lucky, it seemed like you could get lost in such a deep tangle of woodish rhythms…