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Verlosung: 1 x Bungalow Vinyl incl. Canson Remix

Bontempi is a new branch of the constantly growing electronic music scene in Zurich. With "Bungalow" the young producers present their first EP with a remix by Canson, who recently received attention with his tracks for GS Zurich and the Bar 25 Label.

Listening to "Bungalow" takes you to a small thatched house in a summer retreat with a wide veranda, the sun is low on the horizon. Slowly, some elephants appear out of the gloominess playing their trunks as trumpets. A rainman raises his voice while a gentle breeze starts to blow and the people dance to the rhythm of the monsoon's agogô bell.

The imagery set by Canson's "Bungalow Remix" shows how music can take you to an afterhour scenario. Strongly related to the original track he draws the listener into a musical mist. On your journey to a new mystical level you will be accompanied by the siren's song until the night comes back again!

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