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> Interview with Jon Rundell for Creamfields 2009
Beitrag 19 Jun 2009, 14:01
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Hi Jon, thanks for having time to do this interview. How are you doing? What is actually happening around you, what is new at you?

- Around me right now are four walls in the studio, I’ve been working on some new original ideas that I hope to get signed once they are finished. There is a remix out on Nervous Records right now for a track by Jewel Kid too as well as another one for Bush of a Roel Salemin track. I have a few others waiting to be released like the remix of Oliver Moldan’s Floating Bye but more about them another time..

Your first contacts with electronic music happened within your work at Amato Distribution and later when you co-founded popular download site Can you recall a moment when you had decided to become a DJ?

- My first real contact was by seeing Public Enemy on the television. While they were more live they still lent towards using technology to make their tracks. That was the exact moment I decided I’d like to explore Djing, through seeing what Terminator X was doing with the records.

When we mentioned Trackitdown…There are also other servers like Beatport, DJdownload. Which one is the most important and popular download server these days in the UK?

- It depends what is important to you as an individual and what you like and look for in a website that determines which is most important to you. Obviously I was heavily involved in the setting up of Trackitdown and I could be biased but I have no idea which is more or less popular, I just go where I hear good music and buy it from anywhere. I didnt used to stick to one record shop in London when I was buying vinyl and not each site has the exactly the same music on it so it makes sense for me to visit them all.

Hand in hand, you are also producing your own tracks. How would you describe the style of your production?

- Its got a techno feel to it, with house influences. It always has a good solid groove to it and usually some kind of swing and funk to it too.

What hardware and software do you work with in the studio? Can you play also any musical instrument?

- I learnt to play the guitar as a young man, but the decks took over and the art of turntablism made me neglect the guitar. I do pick it up from time to time but Im a bit rusty and need to put in some practice. In the studio I use Logic for software and I have some hardware compressors, its all I currently need.

You are represented by Carl Cox´s Safehouse Management. How did this cooperation started?

- I was first drafted in to run Intec, Carl’s label. After a few years it became very difficult to sustain the business side of things so we made the decision to take a break. Carl new I DJ’d from when we used to cross paths in London years ago, and so asked me to support him on a tour of Australia. Luckily it went well and this lead to me becoming a fully fledged Safehouse artist.

What is your opinion about Carl personally? What do you respect about him the most?

- That he gives a lot of people the opportunity to do what they love. He is a very humble and unselfish person and for that I respect him the most.

There is also another significant collaboration in your career – Paul van Dyk signed up your track on Vandit Digital and later he asked you to remix his track Detournement for his album Hands on Inbetween. Which other artists would you like to remix?

- There are loads, not just within dance music either. Anyone from Hard Fi and Kasabian, Duran Duran to Snoop Dog and The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Dubfire, Danny Tenaglia, Andy C, the list is endless....

Do you have any habit or ritual before you go on stage and play?

- I do as it happens, I tend to go very quiet for the 15 minutes before to collect my thoughts and try to focus on giving everybody a good time. I’ll move away from anybody around to basically just have this time to myself. During this time I will also without fail go to the toilet.

Being a DJ means to be more attractive for girls. Do you see higher interest of girls since you become a DJ?smile.gif

- Im not sure that is always true for any DJ, Id say I’ve had more men than anything always come up and talk to me after I play. All asking me what some of the tracks were that I played, where they can mixes from and so on.

Whose dj set would you like to hear at Creamfields Central Europe?

- Lucca for sure, its not often I get to hear her play but its always good. Valentino Kanzyani Im a big fan also. And Im interested to hear what Popof does also as never heard him before.

Finally your actual top 10 tracks please:

Adam Sheridan – Tackelface
Carlo Lio – False Information
DJ T – Dis
Mark Broom – Jakcpot (Nic Fancuilli Mix)
Vestax – Whats Up (Valentino Kanzyani Mix)
Steve Mac – Rill
Carlo Lio – Curious Poses
Jeff Mills – The Bells (Ori Undo Mix)
Petrae Foy & PJC Project – Unravel This World (Kris James Mix)
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