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CrisCo aka drone//code aka Blass aka badboys rc aka DATADOSE aka Simon Lebon + CrisCo aka WHARE


CrisCo aka drone//code is, beside his function as founder of Soundlab Entertainment , always busy with musical and organizational activities. Next to Soundlab Entertainment , which is a collective for musicians of different styles, CrisCo founded the sub labels Negligé Tunes, and together with Simon Lebon Laserlight Records. CrisCo also works as a promoter, organizer of events, booker and moderates radio programmes.

The musician published scores of releases under the name CrisCo but he synonymously uses names like Blass, Aris Of London and drone//code for his solo projects. The musician also works in teams called Badboys RC , Simonlebon+CrisCo and DATADOSE , a band which causes a furore with a remix for the Japanese band Noarashi . He works as well as a producer for Dj Ride and Jason King Size and together with Rexho Qufaj as a engineer for Silicone Pumpgun .

CrisCo co-produced hits which are played in clubs and electro-tracks you can find on different DJ chart lists. On closer inspection you will recognize CrisCo high profile on different music projects bristled with funk, soul and groove!

Once he touches the controllers in his music studio he is freezing there and does not stop to tinker, mix and compose new sounds. Music is the passion that makes him stay at his studio, never mind what is happening around him.

During his live performances CrisCo aka drone//code dips into the wonderful world of bit streaming. He was playing in Clubs like Flex (Vienna), Spojka (Bratislava), Meierei (Vienna), Veilchen (Graz) to Daisy (Nürnberg). At least the fact that he is the first musician who is playing his live act through 3D data glasses and data glove makes his live appearances not only great to hear but also to see!


Aris of London - Nowhere - SE010
Blass - Nice - SE002A
Blass feat. Dj Ride - Roadrunner - SE001
CrisCo - Pretty Lady EP - SE016
Simon Lebon + CrisCo - Can´t Wait - HA003
Simon Lebon + CrisCo - Spaceodyssee EP - TYR001

kid.pariz- Until The Don - IntoThis002
Dj Ride - Ticket To Ride EP - SE006
Nima Arvand - Chaka Boom Chaka - SE010
Patrick Kong - Tokyo Geisha - SE010
DJ Ride - Searchin (Instrumental) - SE010
P.E. Loewenstein - Bushido - SE010
Smacs & Sensee - Busy People - SE001
kid.pariz - Destination Margareten - SE001
Rexho - Cool Effekt - SE001
Jason King Size - The Scene Is Dead - SE001

King Zozo - Art What´s That? - SE010
JC Greenmouse - One Knight In Bangkok - SE010
Silicone Pumpgun - Friendly Fire - SE013

Larissa Kapp - You - badboys rc Remix - SE010
No Arashi - My Dove - Aris Of London Remix - SE012
kid.pariz & the badboys rc - Grace - Deserteur Rec.
noarashi - Emotion - DATADOSE Remix - SE014
CrisCo - Pretty Lady - DATADOSE

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