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> Interview with Felix Kröcher for Creamfields 2009
Beitrag 19 Jun 2009, 13:54
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thx to katka

1.Hi Felix, thanks for your time to do the interview. In Czech republic you are very well known and popular. Do you know how many times you played in CZ?

Hi. no, i really can't count it.
but i still remember some great partys and nice experiences in czech smile.gif

2.You have a successfull year behind you, but also a year full of changes. Which change was the biggest for you?
well, for me personal it was the birth of my daugther lilli.
but to get back to the music, i won't say that i radically changed my music style the last 1 - 2 years .
i would more describe it as some kind of development.
every artists needs and should develop further.
my development was connected with my music.

3. Last year you played at almost all important festivals in Europe. Monegros, Love Parade and many more. Which gig was the best for you?
yes, last year was already very amazing with all the festivals.
i can't tell which was the best one, cause there are always some different and nice memories connected with the gigs.
of course it is great to play at monegros festival in the morning at 11.00 h in front of thousands of people, when the sun comes up -
but it is also amazing to play at loveparade with 1.2 million people.
so every gig is something special by its own.

4. In your opinion how did your hard techno fans accepted your change of style? Slowing down on BPM and choice of records is now a bit different than in previous times…

well, there are of course some who don't understand this.
but if those people are just focused on some kind of special music style, then there are still lots of other artists they can listen to.
most of my fans are more open minded and really like and understand my new sound.
so at the end i got more positive feedback about the change.

5. You will perform at Creamfields Central Europe. Have you ever played at any Creamfields event? If so, which country?

yes, i already played at creamfields poland 2 years ago.
creamfields always has great lineups and a very professional production and handling.
always a pleasure and honour to play at those events.

6. Can you tell us what are you working on now and which project gives you the most work?
i am in studio at the moment working on some new tracks finally.
you can imagine that there is not enough time, with djing on the weekend, working at radio station during the week and then also taking care about my family.
so hard find some free time, but it is going on and on .... get ready soon for some new stuff smile.gif

7. Your party calendar is quite full. Can Felix Kroecher relax too and how?
i try to smile.gif
i relax in the plane during my gigs and also my daugther gives me lots of new energy.

8. In 2008 you were voted again as a DJ of the Year in Raveline magazine and left behind you such acts like Sven Vath, Paul van Dyk or Chris Liebing. How do you feel about this?

i am very honoured about this.
i dont feel that i am "better" as such other djs - cause they are still my idols and i look up to them.
but this voting shows me, that the change i made was not too bad and the people like it and still support me.

9. You have become an ambassador of Dance4Life project (project spreading information how to fight against AIDS). How did you get to it and what does it include?

dance4life asked me, if i want to represent their project, as they also want to have some young artists involved.
i am also honoured about this, to be an official ambassador , as long as tiesto, paul van dyk, atb and more...
sometimes i do some fundraise events to get more money for dance4life projects and try to involve them as much as possible into my gigs.
i think it is very important to tell the people about aids and the risks.
actually you think, that nowadays everybody should know about the risks and ways of infection - but unfortunately it is not like that.
and that is really sad...

10. We can still tune in to your radioshow Hardliner. Will there be any changes in conception?

no, the concept remains as it is.
every wednesday on sunshine live from 22:00 - 00:00 h.
we are thinking for future shows of inviting some guests, but this is still in the "planning-phase".

Thanks for the interview, many fans is looking forward to hear you!

Thank you - and I am looking forward to creamfields smile.gif

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