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entry 19 Nov 2010, 03:36

Travel to Cambodia will always be high on anybody's travel list as it offers one of the greatest human achievements of ancient architecture and sculpture. . [Img] http://www.asiaviewtravel.com/Images/Item/YAJKINyoy.jpg [/ img] In order to truly understand the country, your vietnam cambodia tours must include one of the great archaeological sites in the world, Angkor complex. Over 100 temples have been discovered and all were built between the 9th and the 13th centuries. That can take weeks to explore if you want to see it all [img] http://www.asiaviewtravel.com/Images/Item/tGBbrNdAr.jpg [/ img]

So charming is the capital Phnom Penh - a vibrant city on the banks of the Mekong, the Tonle Sap lake and the Bassac, with famous National Museum, Silver Pagoda, the Royal Palace and the Wat Phnom, Victory Monument and Killing Field. Come and admire beautiful Cambodia!

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entry 29 Aug 2010, 03:47
Da LatĖ the beauty of highland Vietnam Ė is the most graceful in winter. Da Lat is covered by the mix of fog and sunshine. Wild flower anemones pave all road one fresh yellow. Tourists knit hands in warm gloves admire the dream of Da Lat.

Between August and October, rainy season in Da Lat is the summer of almost other parts of Vietnam. People are afraid of heat, they travel to Da Lat. People want a winter atmosphere, they travel to Da Lat. Da Lat is busy to welcome thousands of tourists, again.

Travel to Da Lat, you own a chance to see many top imposing waterfalls of Vietnam: Prenn, Camly, PongourÖ Like a part of Da Lat, these waterfalls become more impressive at this time of year. The strong flow has the color of alluvion, itís cool and amazed.

Once travelling to Da Lat, itíll be a mistake if missing lakes which infatuate all people have been here. Xuan Huong Lake called the eye of Da Lat, lays in the right center of city. Da Lat hotels almost are built to look at this lake and make a circle around it. Xuan Huong Lake and Da Lat are perfect for an evening ride by couple bicycle. The hot by riding will be deleted by Da Lat rain. Rain in Da Lat isnít long, isnít heavy. It rains like a performance, just enough to make hair wet, just enough to make people closer.

Da Lat has been famous all over the world as a flower center of Vietnam, so the thing you canít miss in Da Lat is flowers. Tourists will see thousands kind of flowers, theyíre grown in green house, in local people houses and they grow themselves on the roadsides. The cold of Da Lat winter isnít cold enough to kill flowers, itís just enough to make them a little gentle frozen and fresher in lovely rain.

Talking about Da Lat until tomorrow still canít show how beautiful it is. Valleys, churches, beauty-spotsÖ The best way to know Da Lat is travelling and enjoying it yourself. Just my experiences, hiring a travel guide to have a full-perfect Da Lat tour.

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